The 2010 Decennial Census is now complete. Because funding is distributed to cities and towns based on population, when you completed your 2010 Census questionnaire, you ensured that thousands of your tax dollars are returned to your community in critical services for you and your family. These services can range from safety and health programs to parks and transportation facilities—programs that improve your life. Census numbers are also used for future infrastructure planning and to guide critical business and community decisions, helping to advance local businesses and to make positive improvements in our community.


The Census bureau has been releasing numbers on a state by state basis. Nationally, the resident population for the United States is 308,745,538. The Arizona resident population is 6,392,017, an increase of 24.6 percent from the 2000 Decennial Census.  Arizona gained one new congressional seat as a result of the increase, giving our state a total of nine representatives.

Below are summary reports and ranking tables relevant to Maricopa County from the data released to date.



Regional Populations



Housing Vacancy Rates



Urban Areas



For more information on the above, please contact Kelly Taft, MAG Communications Manager, or Anubhav Bagley, MAG Information Services Manager, at (602) 254-6300. To visit the U.S. Census Bureau Web Site, click here. For more about the 2010 Census in our region and what it means to you, click here.


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