About the 2010 Census


What does the census mean to me?

Money to your community for the services you need.


Because more than $400 million in federal funding is distributed to cities and towns based on population, when you completed your Census 2010 questionnaire you helped ensure that thousands of your tax dollars will be returned to your community in critical services for you and your family over the next 10 years. These services can range from safety and health programs to parks and transportation facilities—programs that improve your life.


How do I benefit?

These funds come back to your community in the form of services including:


  • Police and fire protection
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, parks and libraries
  • Senior centers
  • Roads, neighborhood improvements
  • Local bus service


I filled out and returned my census form. How confidential is the information I provided?


Completely confidential. Guaranteed.

Personal census information is not shared with any other agency or organization. There are no exceptions. Census workers can go to jail for revealing census information.



Why is completing the census form so important?

More than $400 billion in federal money is distributed each year based on census population figures. If you aren’t counted, you and your community will lose valuable services. That’s why participation is required by law.

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